It pains us to tell you, but there has been a rift between the March for Science organizers and local climate justice groups and allies in the People Climate Movement coalition, which includes 350 Seattle.

Sadly, we’re not unique here in Seattle–this rift has happened in many places around the country, though some places seem to have been open and thoughtful in their responses to criticism (which, of course, is the proper scientific response). This Union of Concerned Scientists article (and the links in it) helps explain what’s been happening, and why it matters. We also recommend this essay by two young MIT scientists about how they came to understand that “as science seeks truth, activism speaks truth to power”, and also this article, which touches only obliquely on climate justice issues, but does elaborate a bit on the understanding that science is always political (it’s practiced by humans, after all).

Some of us are meeting on Thursday to brainstorm if and how 350 Seattle members will participate in an educational and movement-building way. If you’d like to participate, please RSVP to Diane. Scientists are especially welcome.

And if you’re planning on attending the march, please RSVP to Shemona.

With luck, we’ll have more to say after Thursday.