With Trump in the White House, Pruitt at the EPA, temperatures at record highs, and sea ice at record lows, the climate movement needs to be powerful, nimble, and responsive 24/7. Social media is essential to driving that strength.

350 Seattle has grown by leaps and bounds in the last several months–we have thousands more people on our list, and many of them have been active in campaigns. Our social media presence is lagging, though… so we’re getting serious about strategy. This way, we can engage more people in actions, educate potential allies, and respond quickly to disinformation.

Can you join our Social Media team?

We’re looking for a few experienced Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram strategists, to help guide us in this process. We also want liaisons working within the campaigns to be posting regularly about those campaigns.

But even without lots of experience or time, you can help by joining the Social Media Swarm–a new 350 Seattle team that will amplify the climate movement’s voice on social media. We hope thousands of you will join the Swarm!

Members of the Swarm will be asked to do things like:

  • Repost and retweet our blogs/posts/tweets
  • Leave positive comments on pieces (ours, or other climate-related)
  • Share upcoming actions on Facebook

If you’re interested in joining our Social Media team or the Swarm, please fill out this short form.

We hope you can join us!

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