Support the Valve Turners!

Support the Valve Turners!

“We are now fully immersed in the climate crisis, with the earth’s ice melting and its oceans turning ever more acid. Hence it is reasonable and necessary that people take nonviolent but increasingly firm action to try and address this emergency. Those who have acted will be considered great heroes by future citizens.”–Bill McKibben

“This is an all hands on deck moment for our climate, when we have to stand up and do what’s right. Tar sands extraction is devastating and wrong. Shutting it down is right. We all have to find ways to show the fossil fuel industry that we do not consent to their reckless destruction of our futures. The valve turners found one. Peaceful resistance and direct action are the only things that might save us.” — John Sellers, Other98

On October 11, five climate activists closed the valves to the five major tar sands pipelines into the United States, declaring that the climate emergency required this. For this single peaceful and principled act, they–and supporters who were present but had taken no part in the planning or action–now face draconian charges, with the possibility of decades in prison. 


group-photo-shut-it-down-climate-disobedience-action-fund-09We sign our names in support of the #ShutItDown valve turners, their support  people, and all who act peacefully in protection of our only home.

Humanity has never faced a threat as great as climate change. We know we have only one hope—to immediately begin focused, swift, and ambitious reductions in fossil fuel extraction and use. We also know that this is possible; indeed, it is all that is possible, if we value life. Yet politicians are utterly failing to respond to this crisis, and all proposals currently on the table are profoundly inadequate. We must change the system, and change fast.

We demand the right to a decent future, and a thriving planet for our children. Climate extremes are killing people and other creatures, destabilizing food systems and nations, and wreaking havoc on the ecosystems we all depend upon; if we continue on this path for even a few more years, it threatens the existence of all that we hold dear.

We will not continue.



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