Seattle Divest

Seattle Divest

Talking Points: Mayor Murray has two appointees on the pension fund board. These appointees have vital votes when it comes to fossil fuel divestment. Yet so far they have voted against divestment every time it comes up!

Can you call the Mayor’s office to leave a message and ask that he instructs his appointees to vote YES on fossil fuel divestment?

Mayor Murray: 206-684-4000

Call Script:

Hi, I am calling to ask that Mayor Murray instruct Glen Lee and Susan Coskey, his two appointees on the Board of Administration of the City pension fund, to vote in favor of fossil fuel divestment. Divestment is a vital tool in the fight against catastrophic climate change and it is important that the Mayor shows leadership on this issue.

Once you have called, please take ten seconds to send an email to Mayor Murray and Council Member Burgess, Chair of the City Council Finance Committee, to let them know that you support fossil fuel divestment and expect them to do likewise!