Opposition to Puget Sound Energy’s Tacoma LNG project continues to grow. Recently, Seattle became the first city to publicly stand with the Puyallup Tribe in support of their sovereign treaty rights. They join the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI), the WA Democratic Central Committee, and numerous caucuses and legislative districts in passing resolutions. Over 53,000 individuals have signed a petition urging Governor Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson to stop construction until all permits and requirements have been met.  

Yet our “Green Governor” has made no response to the public outcry over this massive fossil fuel project.

Please call Inslee today and demand “No Permits – No Construction!”


The entire permitting process has been full of conflicts of interest, deviation from procedure, and disregard for public health and safety. Ask State Attorney General Ferguson to investigate the Tacoma LNG and order an injunction to stop construction while legal and permit issues are decided.  (253)593-5243


Talking points 

Climate & Environmental Concerns

  • Two-thirds of all “natural” gas comes from fracking. Fracking causes earthquakes, contaminates soil & drinking water, and generates air pollution. When greenhouse gas emissions are looked at from extraction to use, “natural” gas is as bad as coal for climate change. New investments should be for renewable energy.
  • The increased tanker traffic from this project will further harm our orca, salmon, and other marine populations as well as increase the risk of a major spill in our Salish Sea (Puget Sound).

Social Justice

  • The Puyallup Tribe was not meaningfully consulted even though the project is directly adjacent to tribal lands and will violate treaty fishing rights. The tribe currently has a lawsuit pending and has filed Formal Stop Work Requests, yet PSE continues construction. So far, government agencies have not forced PSE to comply. Many groups  stand with the Puyallup Tribe; petitions and resolutions against the project have been signed by 14 NW tribes, the City of Seattle, numerous Washington State democratic caucuses and legislative districts, the Washington State Democratic Central Committee, and over 53,000 concerned citizens.
  • Indigenous lands and neighborhoods of color usually bear the brunt of the devastation that fracking & gas pipelines bring.
  • 1,600 men and women detained at the Northwest Detention Center, a for-profit immigration prison, would be at risk in the event of an emergency as there is no evacuation plan other than to “shelter in place.”


  • A leak could cause an explosive vapor cloud capable of extending more than 3.5 miles in any direction.
  • A spill can burn at 3500 degrees F. This fire would be so hot it would melt steel up to ½ mile away and incinerate everything within a mile radius, including people.
  • PSE’s LNG facility is located on the Cascadian fault in a zone at risk for earthquakes, lahars, and tsunamis. A study conducted by the City of Tacoma predicts the Port will be flooded by 2050.
  • This facility is being built in the heart of a metropolitan area where over 200,000 people live, work, and play, and in an industrial center which would have a compounding effect in the event of a fire or explosion.

Ratepayer & Taxpayer Abuse

  • This project will cost PSE ratepaying customers $133 Million.
  • That is 43% of the total project cost, even though only about 7% is projected to be for ratepayer use.
  • PSE will pay no sales tax on the construction and will receive a $4 million tax break per year.
  • The insurance PSE has for this project only covers $35 million – nowhere near enough to cover the facility – let alone any disasters that affect local businesses, residences, and drinking water. That means taxpayers will foot the bill once an accident or natural disaster happens.

Corporate Corruption

  • PSE has spent millions of dollars in political contributions, greenwashing advertisements and pro LNG push-polls.
  • Many of the local candidates in favor of the LNG, including those with power to make decisions about the project, have taken money from PSE. They refuse to address any concerns brought forth by citizens & have ignored formal requests by the Puyallup Tribe.
  • While it sounds like a public utility, PSE is a for-profit corporation based in Bellevue but controlled by the Macquarie group of Australia. The media has reported widely on the Macquarie Group’s unethical and predatory business practices. The CEO of PSE’s Australian owner made $18 million in 2016.
  • PSE is currently trying to create more demand for “natural” fracked gas by offering their customers $3500 to switch their electric water heaters to gas – they are marketing it as a “greener” option.

If you have a few extra minutes:

Please help us spread awareness and stop this disastrous project from being completed. We are asking environmental groups, faith organizations, social justice activists, and concerned citizens to write opinion pieces to local newspapers and media stating your reasons for opposing PSE’s Tacoma LNG. The more the better! Let’s flood PSE’s entire Washington service area with the truth about what they will end up paying for if we don’t stop this thing!

Together we can keep Washington green & secure a future for our children & grandchildren.

We would love to track how many opinions get published!

Please send a copy of your “letter to the editor” and where it was shared to Stacy Oaks.