Protect What You Love!

Calling all PNW bands, artists, spoken word artists, and graphic designers to participate in a various artist compilation album inspired by climate and social justice.

The Musical Activism Coalition (350 SeattleRolling Crone Records, and other PNW artists) is creating a collaborative album that raises up the voices of Pacific Northwest artists and musicians engaged in climate justice. Through art and storytelling, this project seeks to plant seeds of consciousness that engage our community more deeply in the movement towards a just and livable future.


We are creating a free, digitally-downloadable artist compilation album to be shared at rallies, marches, organizing meetings, schools, etc., etc. via mini hand-out cards with the link to the album that gives people the option to “Choose Your Price” on Bandcamp.

Follow along with the project on Facebook here.

Musicians from the album will also play a live Seattle Benefit Concert in August 2017. (Proceeds go to Our Children’s Trust.)

  • Youth and Elders encouraged to apply.
  • Submission DEADLINE: May 4th, 2017
  • Scholarship DEADLINE: March 29, 2017
  • Thursday, May 25th: We will send you a confirmation email announcing the selections.

To apply, send the following to Eric Herbig: by May 4, 2017

  1. Original recordings (i.e. artist owns 100% of the rights to the music)
  2. The theme of the piece (song/spoken word) must be around climate and/or social justice (i.e. Fossil Fuels, Indigenous Resistance, Current Local Issues, History, Justice Grief, etc.)
  3. Genre
  4. Any language, but must have lyrical content.
  5. Length: under 6 minutes
  6. A link to 1 mixed and mastered recording that you intend to contribute (i.e. please do not attach an MP3 to an email)
  7. Song lyrics
  8. Artist bio, photo, social media/weblinks
  9. Answer 2 questions (maximum 4 sentences per question):
    • Why are you passionate about the topics of environmental and social justice?
    • What actions have you taken in support of environmental and social justice?

If you don’t have a recording, we are offering 3 scholarships to record a song. If interested in applying for a scholarship, email Erika Lundahl by March 29th : (NOTE: Our ability to offer is limited to volunteer teams capacity. READ: Probably can’t handle your 24-piece orchestra)

Guidelines for evaluation/selection

HEARING BACK: we will send you a confirmation email announcing the scholarships on April 5th.

Logo_Final_Protect_Love_OrangeART DESIGN SUBMISSIONS
To apply, send the following to Alexandra Blakely: by May 4, 2017

      • A photo/design/painting/drawing created by yourself that visually expresses environmental/social justice.
      • Friday, May 26th: We will send you a confirmation email announcing the selections. (Upon selection, you will be designated for either the album cover or a specific song off the compilation album.)
      • Friday, June 9th : First Art Submissions
      • Friday, June 16th: Final Art Submissions

We acknowledge that your art is a gift and we are grateful for it. 350 Seattle is a nonprofit, so if you would like to claim your donation as a charitable contribution, you can.

350 Seattle is building a passionate grassroots movement for climate justice. Join us!

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Alexandra (Ahlay) Blakely: 206.472.2167 /

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