Who We Are
Who We Are

ShemonaShemona Moreno, Nanny, Co-coordinator of Volunteer Engagement, Co-facilitator of Artful Activism

“I was nervous at first,” Shemona confesses, remembering her reaction to the possibility of taking to the streets for the Defund DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline) campaign. But she’d gone to a 350 Seattle New Member Summit, jumped into a workgroup, and found there was no time for second-guessing herself. “It was more of a Ready! Set! Go! Meet these people, get their numbers and plan an action.”

It was the beginning of a “joyful and challenging” phase of her life.

Shemona works as a nanny for four different families, a job she loves but one that’s isolating. “I had few grownup friends and even fewer who I could vent to about the new political climate and what are real things that we can do for Climate Justice.”

Things started shifting when she went to the Break Free mobilization in Anacortes with the family of her great friend, Nicky Bradford. “I was there to learn. I hadn’t even known about the pipelines, so it was definitely inspiring.”

And being the type, she says, who makes resolutions and keeps them, she then “jumped into” 350. “The most difficult thing is going out and meeting new people. I have my heart pounding. I’m sweating.” But, she tells herself, “I need to hold myself accountable for this.”

Soon she was making signs and planning an action “even though I had never planned one before and was learning on the fly.” By the next weekend, her group was standing in front of Wells Fargo handing out flyers, shouting and chanting for four hours.”

“I was finally doing something that mattered.”

What’s more, she found a community that she’s grateful to be a part of. “I found what I was looking for. Don’t get me wrong it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. The planet is dying and we are actively killing her. I am a young woman of color feeling more and more terrified by our government and society each day. We are fighting for a better future for everyone and it’s a hard fight to fight.”

The “we” she speaks of are “generous and loving people. It’s not strange to go up to someone and ask for a hug and be offered a ‘How can I support you?’ We are in this together. We are fighting with love and strength and kindness and we will prevail.”

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