Policy & Economics

Policy & Economics

Here are 350 Seattle’s positions on  2017 climate-related legislation in the  Washington State legislature.

The Policy Workgroup has three parts–the Civic Action Team (below), a Trade Policy/MMT team, and the Beyond Capitalism group

Civic Action Team

State and local action are more important than ever under the Trump administration, and Washington state must lead the fight.

350 Seattle Civic Action Teams (CAT’s) focus on direct lobbying of elected officials to push them to advance bold climate legislation, and to hold them accountable to the principles of climate justice.

We are building CAT’s across the state that regularly engage with local elected representatives. Join our community and help expand the movement pushing politicians for aggressive climate action.

How You Can Support Us:

  • Attend one of 350 Seattle’s public events to learn about specific legislation or proposals that we need people power to advance or block
  • Share our public events with your friends and neighbors
  • Sign up for our email list to learn about and participate in upcoming civic action campaigns
  • Help lead a civic action team in your district

Join a Civic Action Team!