Our People Gonna Rise
Our People Gonna Rise

You’re invited to attend this series of three anti-racism workshops. These 6-hr workshops will create a safe space for difficult conversations as we come together and commit to ending racism in our climate justice work. The format will be a mix of short presentations of how oppressions (specifically racism) work and how individual experiences can intersect along axes of different oppressions; small group storytelling (longer times with opportunities for deeper sharing and deep listening); large group sharing (shorter and mostly of highlights from small group discussions); and time for individual creative reflection.

Register for the whole series here or click on the dates below to register one at a time!

February 18th Solidarity with Natives. We will examine the idea of indigenous sovereignty and the history of the U.S. and tribal governments; concepts of settler colonialism and genocide (as distinct from racism); removal policies; and environmental justice as part of de-colonization and restoring sovereignty. (Carpool here)

March 25th – Allies to Immigrants. We will explore how our economy benefits from displacement and migration; the impact of displacement policies (including those in our past), war, colonization, and global poverty policies; and the current fronts of struggle for immigrants/migrants/refugees today.(Carpool here)

April 29th – Black Liberation. We will look at how racism shows up in our lives and community spaces, the history of anti-black racism and how our economy benefits from it, how our differences are used to drive wedges between us, and strategies for working in solidarity with black people and ending racism in our own community. (Carpool here)

Please also be sure to arrive early if you’re driving; parking is a little far away.