RSVP for International Climate Rally at Peace Arch on 9/20…

…and SIGN UP for the bus or carpooling! Please let us know if you need a ride and/or can offer one, and we’ll make sure you get there one way or another!


Two buses are  leaving from the Greenlake Park & Ride (at I-5 and 65th), and one will leave from S. Main st and Occidental Ave. S. They will likely leave at 10:15 am and begin the return trip at 4pm, though it’s possible we’ll have one leaving at 3.


Roundtrip bus fares are on a pay-as-you-can basis, from $0-$15. Please join us!


Because of Yahoo’s spam policy, our host doesn’t accept form results from Yahoo email accounts. If you have another email account, please use that; if not, you can email Jared directly to reserve your spot.


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