Power Past Paris!

Power Past Paris!

Dear Governor Inslee,

Gov Inslee_PowerPastParisWith Trump pulling the US out of the Paris climate agreement, I urge you to be a real climate leader and help us power past Paris.

Convene a group of governors to stay in the Paris agreement and fight for stricter emissions targets at the negotiating table. The five states most rational on climate–Washington, California, Oregon, Massachusetts, New York—are nearly 30% of the US economy, and we can lead the way.

If you rise to this challenge, we can leave incrementalism behind, and fight for the real climate policies we need–like Germany’s plan to ban internal combustion engines by 2030, China’s investment of $360 billion in renewables by 2020, and India’s cancellation of new coal plants.

You care about climate, and you care about the Washington economy–which may be devastated by tariffs levied because of the United States’ withdrawal from Paris (tariffs that might be waived for our states if we’re a responsible global partner).  Please, Governor Inslee–step up: convene a governors’ group with an absolute commitment to the climate goals that scientists tell us are necessary.

It’s the right thing for the world, and it’s the right thing for Washington State. We have the boldness and creativity to make it happen.

Yours sincerely,