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Policy & Economics

Update, 2-21-18


Here’s what’s still alive and worth taking action on. Contact your legislator if they’re on the committee listed. Otherwise contact the committee chair, or the first sponsor listed on the bill.

HB 1144, Amending State GHG emissions limits to be aligned with most recent climate change science. We need this. Now in Senate Energy, Environment & Technology.

SB 6253, (100% clean, with nukes) and HB 2402, (50% clean, no nukes, stronger on gas) were designated Necessary To Implement Budget (NTIB), exempting them from the cut-off rules. Wouldn’t it be great if these got combined as 100% clean with no nukes and strong limits on gas? Contact the bill sponsors to urge improvement.

And here’s one to oppose:

SB 6140, Prompting the efficient and effective management of state managed lands. Unacceptable as long as it contains Section 6. More info here. Now in House Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Other bills we’re watching:


SB 6081, Concerning Distributed Generation. In House Technology and Environment.

SB 6187, Concerning electrification of transportation. This is the sole survivor of a bunch of EV bills. In House Technology and Environment.


HB 1233, Enabling electric utilities to prepare for the distributed energy future. In Senate Energy, Environment & Technology.

HB 1622, Energy efficiency for state buildings, from the State Building Code Council. In Senate State Government.

HB 2295, Encouraging electric or hybrid electric aircraft for regional travel. In Senate Transportation.

HB 2327, Concerning appliance energy efficiency standards. In Senate Energy, Environment & Technology.

HB 2757, Modernizing fuel content and standards. Reduces the carbon content of fuels. In Senate Energy, Environment & Technology.

HB 2839, Authorizing an alternative form of regulation of electrical and natural gas companies. This includes a price on carbon for use in utility planning. In Senate Energy, Environment & Technology.