On January 4, the Trump administration announced that it was opening the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Arctic coasts to offshore drilling. This was just three days after giving the oil industry a tax break by allowing the expiration of a tax that was a measly 9 cents a barrel, and meant to fund cleanup of spills.

The BOEM (the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management) hearing has been rescheduled for March 5: event page here, and Group Carpool here

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  2. Comment online! We need to tell them exactly what we think of opening up our fragile oceans to fossil fuel development that the climate cannot stand.
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  4. Help us make this action beautiful. Join us for an art build Saturday March 3, 11am-3pm at the Fremont Powerhouse, 3940 Fremont Ave N. No skills necessary–dress for mess and fun!
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