Movement Building

Movement Building

To change everything we need everyone. That’s a lot of people! How do we recruit, engage, and train new folks into the climate movement? How do we make 350 Seattle a welcoming place for all? And how do we keep help our work keep spreading? That’s what the Movement Building Team is about.

Movement Building encompasses the following projects and groups:

Tabling:  Want to attend local events, and hit the streets in Seattle neighborhoods to talk to people about climate issues like oil trains or community solar? Join our outreach team and talk with your neighbors and community members about what needs to be done. Email Adina for more info.

Deep Canvassing: Like talking to people about climate change and inspiring them to do something about it? If you yearn to try new outreach tactics that involve deep conversations, you may be interested in becoming part of our new Deep Canvassing initiative. This project is about building safety at the door by validating people’s personal experiences, and using the power of storytelling to motivate personal change and action. Email Eli to learn more.

Volunteer Engagement – You may be a new volunteer yourself…in which case you likely know how to relate to the challenge of finding a place in our many campaigns. Help welcome newcomers into 350 Seattle and connect them with meaningful opportunities to work for climate justice! Our Volunteer Engagement Coordinator Shemona can help you get involved.

Trainings and Culture – We aren’t born knowing how to fight fossil fuel infrastructure or worldwide catastrophe. And one day, maybe we won’t have to. But for now, there are skills and tools we need to make our efforts as successful as they can be. This team helps coordinate and share many of 350 Seattle’s learning opportunities, and helps ensure that we care for and support those delving into this sometimes scary, often challenging, but absolutely essential work. If you’d like to help out with trainings, or propose a training, contact Meg.

Statewide Work – The climate fight is everywhere, not just in Seattle. As the largest local affiliate in the state, we aim to support new and nascent groups throughout Washington. Want us to help you get the ball rolling for a 350 group in your town? Email Alec.

Pledge of Resistance – As our movement grows, we can take bigger and bolder action together. Join the growing ranks of those dedicated to doing what it takes to keep fossil fuels in the ground. Read more and take the pledge.