Governor Inslee

Governor Inslee

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Dear Governor Inslee,

Now that you’re running for president—in part to highlight the urgency of acting on climate change—please think hard about what it means to be a climate champion in an era when literally every day without bold action dooms more people and ecosystems to tragedy.

We may already be past some of the tipping points. We have exactly zero leeway to be faint-hearted; we must be transformative.

What does “transformation” mean? We have to stop doing the bad stuff immediately (so, no new fossil fuel infrastructure, and only truly sustainable forestry), greatly intensify the good stuff (fight hard for transformational and justice-focused solutions now and in the near term), and hold the bad guys accountable (sue the industry for climate mitigation and recovery).

Together, these three strands make a rope that might let us avoid widespread and permanent catastrophe. How would a climate champion start, given where we are now?

We must turn decisively away from fossil fuels now. We urge you to oppose all new and expanded gas infrastructure in Washington state. After years of greenwashing, many people don’t know that fracked gas is as bad as coal; we need your help to change that.

Please: be a climate champion. And start by standing up to dirty fracked gas.

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In hope,