The Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy—a broad coalition of labor, communities of color, and environmental groups—is running a major climate initiative in WA in 2018. To get on the ballot,  we need to gather 260,000 signatures before June; to pass the initiative we will need to engage up to a million WA voters.

Please fill out this form to get involved and help us pass I-1631!

What is the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy?

The Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy is a broad and inclusive coalition, led by communities of color and labor and environmental organizations. There are over 200 organizations in WA that have endorsed the Alliance—and we’ve been proud to be part of the Alliance’s steering committee for over a year now, working to make Initiative I-1631 as strong as possible.

To learn more about the Alliance, please check out its website.

What will I-1631 Do?

I-1631 will create a $15/ton carbon fee, which will grow at $2/year. The goal of I-1631 is to use that money to invest in solutions that we know reduce climate pollution. I-1631 is expected to raise over $800 million a year for investments in clean energy infrastructure such as wind and solar, creating thousands of well-paying jobs across the state while cutting pollution; critically, over $280 million of that will be invested in projects in marginalized communities.

I-1631 is only one piece of the fierce and broad effort we need to address the climate crisis—but it’s an important one, and we hope you can join us to help make sure that it gets on the ballot!