(And please call the council members too!)

Dear Council Members Gonzalez and Harrell,

I am writing to ask that you support the HOMES Tax, as proposed by Council members Kirsten Harris-Talley and Mike O’Brien.

In an ideal world we would be able to take our time, invite all the parties to the table and create a policy that makes everybody happy. But we don’t live in an ideal world. We live in a city where 7% of public school children are homeless and where over 8,000 people don’t have a home to sleep in. The City of Seattle declared homelessness an emergency two years ago, and the emergency is worse today. We need solutions now.

The HOMES Tax is a concrete, meaningful proposal. It would raise an estimated $24 million, while posing modest additional costs on only the largest 10% of businesses in the city.

Should the Seattle City Council fail to pass this policy – a policy that will save lives by getting people off the streets, and help us find beds for homeless schoolchildren to sleep in – because we haven’t received “enough” input from businesses grossing more than $5 million per year, it would be a failure of morality, a failure of decency, a failure of justice.

We are in a crisis. We cannot afford delay, or leaders who promote business interests over the interests of vulnerable populations. We need leaders who will back bold, immediate and tangible action. The HOMES Tax is all of those things.

Please vote YES on the HOMES Tax.

Yours sincerely,