Frontline Allies
Frontline Allies

This workgroup focuses on examining the ways that white privilege and subtle forms of racism, patriarchy, and class oppression are unintentionally embedded in the climate movement, and on challenging all in our organization to be better allies to communities most directly affected by climate change and the fossil fuel economy. We meet at most monthly 350 Seattle general meetings, and also once a month outside of general meetings. Regular workgroup meeting is the third Monday evening of each month. We welcome new members!

Join us for Our People Gonna Rise–a February/March/April series of anti-racism workshops  for those who didn’t make it to the first series. Sign up here.

And join us for Undoing Patriarchy–a single-day 6 hour workshop. Use the red “subscribe” button to get the 350 Seattle newsletter and alerts and find out when you can register.

We are helping support Got Green, our allied organization in climate justice, by fundraising for them! Please consider donating via our team Green-a-Thon page. To join the 350 Ways to Love Got Green team or get more info, contact Rox and RSVP here.

Most useful to get oriented are the following resources:

Along with looking closely at the privilege, fragility, and subtle forms of oppression within 350 Seattle and ourselves, we believe it’s important to be out there supporting our allies working on a variety of justice issues. Find upcoming options here:

We can also each alert our workgroup list (to join it, email Kara) by using “reply-all” when an important chance to support our allies arises. (To keep emails manageable, let’s use this sparingly.)

To ask a question or join us, email Kara Sweidel  or Diane Shisk, the co-facilitators of the group, or  Lisa Marcus, organizer on the support team.