To build the world’s largest methanol refinery, Northwest Innovation Works (NWIW) needs a new deep-water dock at the port of Kalama–and they want to fund it with taxpayer money. The Cowltiz/Wahkiakum Council of Governments (CWCOG) is accepting public comment until 5pm on Sept 18 on the funds requested for dock construction and road improvements. Written comments may be submitted to Robert Stevens, CWCOG, by mail, email to rstevens@cwcog.org, or fax at (360) 214-3425.  Letters to the editor are also helpful!

Proposed funding:

Improvements to Tradewinds and Eastwind Roads required to support the development of the Kalama Methanol Manufacturing and Exploring Facility for Port of Kalama: $120,000 in state funds (total cost: $1,320,000)

Kalama Methanol Manufacturing and Exploring Facility (KMEF) – Dock for Port of Kalama The new export dock is designed to accommodate both existing fleet and future generations of methanol carriers. $1,000,000 in state funds (total cost: $21,500,000)

Total state funds requested: $1,120,000

Talking points:

  • Backers of the Kalama methanol refinery have done nothing more than show off how much money their project would cost. In reality, they’re seeking public subsidies to construct their dangerous refinery.
  • Washington’s public transportation funding should not be spent on a controversial project backed by the Chinese government. There is no benefit to Washington or Kalama…especially if we pay for the construction!
  • There are countless other critical transportation issues that should be funded before our state funds the Chinese government-backed Kalama methanol refinery.
  • NWIW is already benefiting from our inexpensive fracked gas prices and abundant water supply. Now they want our transportation funding too.
  • This is unacceptable. A controversial project that locals oppose should not get state transportation funding.