NW Divest

NW Divest


We do all we can to instigate, support, and guide divestment across the spectrum of governmental and institutional entities (as well as by individuals):


  • Defund KXL is happening right now! Help us send a message that financing disastrous projects like KXL will make a bank toxic to customers.
  • Defund Disaster is coming in spring: Help us shut down the banks funding catastrophic projects.
  • Foundation Divestment
  • City DivestmentPlease send this form to any City employees or retirees you know!
  • University Divestment: We support the student groups at Divest UW and Divest Seattle University in their work to get their universities to divest.
  • State Divestment: We encourage you to contact th Olympia FOR climate change subgroup, which has taken up trying to get the State employee pension fund divested.
  • Faith Group Divestment: We have a slide presentation that we can give to support churches trying to divest, and speakers willing to come to your group to talk about climate change.

Myths about divestment