Seattle Divest/Defund Disaster

Seattle Divest/Defund Disaster


We do all we can to instigate, support, and guide divestment across the spectrum of governmental and institutional entities (as well as by individuals):


  • Defund Disaster: Whoa! We’re doing it again on May 7! Help us shut down the banks funding catastrophic projects–and persuade foundations, faith groups, and others to move their money to banks that are aligned with their values. This fight started with KXL and the first #ShutDownChase action, and moved on (rather beautifully, we think) to the October 23 100 Banks, 1 Day action.
  • State Divestment: We encourage you to contact th Olympia FOR climate change subgroup, which has taken up trying to get the State employee pension fund divested.
  • Faith Group Divestment: We have a slide presentation that we can give to support churches trying to divest, and speakers willing to come to your group to talk about climate change.

Myths about divestment