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Our May 8 action was a fine shot across the bow. Check out the video.

Four years to the day after the first 350 Seattle meeting, we had our first Pledge of Resistance action…which was also our second Defund Disaster campaign, in partnership with the amazing MazaskaTalks.org folks. Check out the press conference that kicked it off, the Seattle Times article, and the Reuters coverage.

It was the Northwest’s largest-ever action targeting a bank because of its fossil fuel funding, and we engaged in peaceful civil disobedience to shut down branches of JP Morgan Chase across the city.

You can see our demand letter here. Are you a Chase customer? Why not close your account, and send Chase CEO Jamie Dimond a “Dear Jamie” breakup letter? (To make it even more effective, find the name & email address of your branch manager and send it to him or her, too–it’s important for the local branches to understand why people are suddenly leaving.)

Why are we targeting Chase? Tar sands oil is the dirtiest on earth. Rosebud Sioux president Cyril Scott called Keystone XL an “act of war.” Former NASA scientist Dr. Jim Hansen called it “game over for the climate.” To prevent climate disaster and uphold native sovereignty, we must stop this pipeline, and all other new tar sands projects.

And we can. Right now, KXL has no project-level loans. Without them, TransCanada can’t build it. And it’s not just KXL–Kinder Morgan is now looking for investors for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion–which would transport even more dirty tar sands than KXL–oil that would cause a sevenfold increase n tankers in the Salish Sea….something neither its communities nor the climate can take.

This is just the beginning, because banks play a vital role in stopping climate chaos. In the last 3 years alone, the world’s largest 25 banks have provided $765 billion in funding for new fossil fuel projects—projects that are incompatible with preventing catastrophic climate change. That needs to stop—and if we put their reputations on the line, we can make it stop.

To change everything, we need….you.

Help us get their attention!

You can help by taking five minutes to carry out these three very simple steps.

    1. Re-tweet this
    2. Copy and paste the message below and send it to Chase through their Facebook page.

      Dear JPMorgan Chase,  

      I am writing today to ask that you stop funding tar sands.  

      Over 121 first nations and tribes have signed the Treaty Alliance Against Tar Sands Expansion. Former NASA Chief Scientist, Dr. Jim Hansen, has said the expansion of tar sands, the dirtiest form of fossil fuel on Earth, would represent “game over in the fight against climate change.”  

      I understand that loaning to such projects is normal business practice. There comes a time when what was once considered normal–be it slavery, a sweatshop, or sexual harassment–is seen to be profoundly immoral. When it comes to protecting a livable planet for our children, we have come to that moment.

      Given the stakes, we cannot allow business as usual. My ask of you is simple: stop funding tar sands. If you do not we will #ShutDownChase all over again.

      Sincerely, ADD YOUR NAME

    3. Call Chase CEO Jamie Dimon today: 212-270-1111.  Say: “I’m calling today to ask that Chase stop funding new tar sands projects, including KXL and Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline  Tar sands oil is the dirtiest fossil fuel on Earth, and is deeply opposed by First Nations and tribes. Chase has no business financing tar sands.” (If you want more talking points, you can find them here.)