Call Matthew Arnold (212-270-5052), JPMorgan Chase’s “Global Head of Sustainable Finance”, to demand that Chase stop financing Canadian tar sands! You can also try his assistant Marie Golberg: 212-270-5097

And once you have made your call — or if you are unable to get through — please send an email (using the talking points below) to both Marie and Matthew.

And if you want to go above and beyond…you can also call Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and leave the same message. His number is 212-270-1111


  • JPMorgan Chase increased its financing of Canadian tar sands by 400% in 2017
  • JPMorgan Chase is the largest financier of Canadian tar sands on Wall Street
  • JPMorgan Chase is attempting to block the introduction of a shareholder resolution that would force the bank into doing a study into the risks associated with tar sands investments.
  • Europe’s two largest banks, HSBC and BNP Paribas, have recently announced that they will stop funding Canadian tar sands
  • Canadian tar sands are the dirtiest form of fossil fuel — the EPA estimated that tar sands are 82% more carbon-intensive that conventional crude oil.
  • The Canadian tar sands industry results in the deforestation of millions of acres of pristine forest, the contamination of millions of gallons of fresh drinking water and the widespread abuse of Indigenous communities rights to Free, Prior and Informed Consent.


  • Be polite.
  • Introduce yourself — and let them know if you are a Chase customer!
  • If you are a Chase customer and you would consider closing your account as a result of Chase’s support of tar sands and extreme fossil fuels, let them know this!
  • Ask questions
    • I read in Bloomberg that Chase management is attempting to block the introduction of a shareholder resolution around Canadian tar sands. Can you confirm if this is correct?
    • What is Chase’s position on tar sands?
    • What is Chase’s position on global warming?
  • Remember: the more of their time you can take up, the more time Chase is being forced to deal with Canadian tar sands — try and keep them on the phone for as long as you can!

SUGGESTED SCRIPT: “I am calling today to ask that JPMorgan Chase stop financing Canadian tar sands and take the first step towards doing that by allowing the shareholder resolution that would require Chase to carry out a study into the financial, reputational and climate risks associated with its investments in Canadian tar sands to proceed. I was surprised to read that Chase upper management is attempting to block the introduction of this important resolution — and am calling to ask that it be allowed to proceed. Are you able to tell me if that resolution will in fact be allowed to move for a vote?