Frontline Allies
Frontline Allies

Assumptions and Goals

Our assumptions:

  • That racism is an institutional problem and we have all been affected by it.
  • That climate chaos would have already been addressed had it not been for racism, or if white people were facing even a fraction of the tragedy already experienced by people of color (especially in the global south).
  • That racism has historically divided and thereby weakened the climate movement.
  • That white people have an important role in ending racism, but that this requires intentional work to become aware and undo the personal and institutional effects of racism. 
  • That doing work on racism within 350 Seattle will strengthen us as an organization and make our ally work more effective.

Our goals:

  • To educate ourselves about climate justice, white privilege, white fragility, and the subtle forms of racism that white people are often not aware of, but that often adversely affect people of color (POC) and Indigenous people.  We want 350 Seattle to have a deeper understanding of racism and climate justice.
  • To make 350 Seattle more welcoming to the participation of POC and Indigenous people.
  • To assure that our priorities are in line with those of frontline communities.
  • To be strong allies to POC and Indigenous led groups, working effectively in coalition with them.