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I am calling on Amazon’s Board of Directors to adopt the “net-zero” resolution proposed by its shareholders. A serious study of the feasibility of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 should be the top priority of any forward-thinking company; in fact I’m baffled such an evaluation isn’t already underway.

You’ve read, and you likely agree, that climate change will be irreversible in the absence of immediate systemic changes. You’ve demonstrated, with your HQ2 auction, your considerable negotiating power. Thus, you understand how urgent–and how doable–it is to eliminate coal from among your data center power sources. You know you can’t keep relying on old-school diesel FedEx and UPS fleets to deliver five billion Prime packages a year–not when your shipping operations contribute an estimated 19.1 million metric tons of CO2 to the atmosphere each year. In these respects, both AWS and Amazon shipping epitomize short-term results devoid of long-term thinking.

Denying a vote on this “net-zero” resolution amounts to a refusal to take ownership of the pollution from your operations. However, it’s not too late for Amazon to take accountability for its climate impact by:

  1. Being transparent about Amazon’s carbon footprint.
  2. Piloting electric vehicle delivery in Seattle and the other top fifteen most-polluted US cities by 2020
  3. Committing to fossil-fuel-free operations by 2030

I am counting on you to make these changes immediately, in recognition of the fact that many communities are already experiencing climate disaster. Additionally, negative health impacts are being felt in your own backyard–in the neighborhoods of South Park and Georgetown–where diesel traffic moving between the port and trucking routes contributes to a life expectancy that is 13 years shorter than affluent neighborhoods in North Seattle.

Like some of your shareholders, I’m wising up to the fact that Amazon’s services directly threaten clean air, water, and a livable future. Please call a vote on this resolution and show us that Amazon is willing to apply innovative thinking to things beyond mere short-term profit.

Thank you,
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