Puget Sound Energy is currently building an 8 million gallon liquified “natural” gas (LNG) facility at the Port of Tacoma and in violation of Puyallup treaty rights and without all their permits. If completed, this facility would lock us into decades of fossil fuel use, threaten local health and safety, and put huge financial burden on PSE ratepayers who will only see a fraction of the benefit.

Help keep fracked gas out of WA! Two things you can do right now:

Protestors oppose fracked gas in Tacoma

No Clean Air permit for fracked gas!

In Oct 2018, more than 700 people showed up to testify against PSE’s LNG facility at the Clean Air Agency hearing. We will likely hear back from the agency around February and another public comment period will follow. Sign up below to learn more and help us make sure this final permit is denied!

The Puyallup Tribe, activists, community members, health professionals and scientists weren’t the only ones that found major faults with the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)—other critics included the Attorney General’s office and Department of Ecology. This article by Native Daily Network highlights comments found in a public records request, including the AG’s office calling parts of the draft “fictional”. Whoa!

The city of Tacoma, as lead agency for the project, needs to put the interests of the public ahead of corporate cooperation.  The Puyallup Tribe formally provided evidence to the city that a SEIS was needed to address safety, environmental and legal concerns. This court testimony by Tarika Powell of Sightline Institute explains why all of the project’s review processes have been totally inadequate thus far.

No public funds should be spent on Puget Sound Energy’s proposed LNG fracked gas project. The majority of this new fossil fuel infrastructure will be used to sell gas for corporate profit yet it will be PSE residential customers paying for the construction with higher monthly bills. Currently, while receiving less than 2% of the facility’s use, we will foot 43% of the bill!

350 Tacoma is one of the many community organizations leading on this fight! Check out their No LNG page for an in-depth explanation of the project, articles, videos and more!


While we are waiting to hear back about the clean air permit, we continue to use lots of different strategies to pressure decision-making agencies, build public awareness, and support Puyallup treaty rights…

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