Business as usual must end—especially when it involves new fossil fuel projects. So yesterday morning, three people hoisted themselves up 10′ in the air onto tripods at each gate of the proposed PSE liquefied “natural” gas (LNG) facility, to slow down construction for the second day this week. Today, it was Ryan Qualls, a 30 year old Tlingit nation member; Cody Reed-McKee, 25, of Longbranch; and Erin Fox, 30, of Seattle…supported by many friends.

Next week, we hope it will be you—and hundreds of us. Please take two minutes to watch and share the Call to Action video here.

Then plan to join us! Saturday morning is the next Mass Action meeting, and we’ll all be gathering in Tacoma on Sunday at 6pm. All of the details are hereThere’s also one more art build listed there!

Finally, we can’t send this without mentioning that also yesterday, a Tacoma jury found Cynthia Linet and Marilyn Kimmerling, of the Tacoma LNG #SuperSix action last spring, not guilty on all counts, even though they hadn’t been allowed to present any necessity defense witnesses.

We suspect the folks at PSE aren’t sleeping very well. We’d recommend they take two good decisions, and call us in the morning. Such as: no new infrastructure, and a business model that respects people and planet—taken together, those decisions could have them breathing easy and sleeping like babies. Till then, we Block the Gates!