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Now is the time to take action against KXL. Indigenous leaders, ranchers, and climate activists–all are fighting this devastating project. Locally, our best leverage is to target the banks loaning to this devastating project. Let’s do our part.

The Plan: Shut down Chase Bank branches across Seattle on Monday, May 8th.

Why? Building KXL would be toxic for life on Earth (“game over for the climate”, former NASA scientist James Hansen said in 2011). We have to make loaning to the project politically toxic for banks. JPMorgan Chase is the primary U.S. bank on TransCanada’s $5 billion revolving line of credit.

Next Steps: Come to the Mass Action Meeting next Wednesday, April 26 at 6:30pm to learn how to get involved. There are all sorts of ways to participate. Follow the Facebook event for updates.

We have the power to stop KXL. Let’s send JPMorgan Chase the message that this project is a bad investment–and they can stand on the right side of history if they refuse to issue loans for KXL.

There’s no time to waste: scientists say we have only 4 years of current emissions left if we want to stay under 1.5°C of warming.

Don’t forget: We also have a direct action training this Sunday, Shutting Things Down to Open Things Up. Please join us if you can!