We regret to inform you that the Keystone XL pipeline has been approved.

This is just the beginning–analysts say it won’t come online till late in 2019. But it won’t ever come online: they have no idea what the resistance will look like.Since the last KXL fight–which we won, let’s not forget–we’ve been profoundly inspired by Standing Rock, and horrified by how quickly our country could take a sharp turn towards xenophobia, racism, environmental destruction, and climate collapse. We’ve learned a lot, our numbers have multiplied, and we are more powerful and resolved than ever.

In the coming days, we’ll be consulting with allies locally and nationally, and making a plan for how this fight should best begin. A lot of folks will be focused on the legal battles this time, and for sure some of our energy will be focused on banks. KXL has not yet received a project-level loan, and we want to make sure that banks know this will be a toxic project for them–just like DAPL was.

So we’ll be in touch soon…and hope to see you in the streets, and at the banks.